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Illinois police recognized for reduction in drunk driving arrests

Drinking and driving can have serious repercussions for all involved. On many occasions, an individual will have a drink or two and determine that he or she is still okay to driver. This may be the case; however, many times it is not. When this happens, the individual runs the risk of being stopped by Illinois law enforcement officers and then facing drunk driving charges.

Two face drug charges when methamphetamine apparently discovered

There is no doubt that drugs are a problem throughout Illinois as well as the rest of the country. As such, law enforcement officers go to great lengths to protect our communities and get drugs off the street. These efforts often lead to drug charges once their investigation has been completed.

Motorcycle accident leads to drunk driving charges

Illinois police arrested a man who allegedly backed over a motorcyclist on an interstate. The driver was apparently not injured the wreck and is now facing charges for drunk driving and driving recklessly. If convicted, he could spend up to 25 years behind bars.

The costs of driving with a suspended license

Perhaps you acquired multiple speeding tickets, traffic offenses or a DUI charge. The court suspends your license, but you need to travel to and from work, visit family and run other errands. You continue to drive, hoping you do not commit any other offenses or get in an accident.

Young Illinois driver facing drug charges

In Illinois and elsewhere, driving at an excessive rate of speed is certainly one way to attract attention. Additionally, texting while driving is another way to attract the attention of law enforcement officers. Yet, when these behaviors are not present, what causes officers to become interested in a particular vehicle and determine that there is reason to stop it? Then, once the vehicle is stopped, what can cause these officers to begin to suspect that drug charges may be warranted?

Drunk driving arrests down 13 percent in Naperville

Driving under the influence is an issue throughout Illinois, but certain municipalities appear to experience more DUI arrests than others. A recent review of drunk driving data from across Illinois revealed that some areas had increased in DUI arrests while others had seen a decline. One of the locations many kept a close eye on was Naperville, which historically tends to be in the top five on the annual survey.

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