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Field sobriety tests and drunk driving

Lights flashing in the rearview mirror are often an indication that the Illinois driver needs to pull over. Once this occurs, the officer will usually ask for the driver's license and registration. Throughout this process, the law enforcement officer is analyzing the situation to determine if there are other issues such as possible drunk driving that need to be addressed.

More than just simple drug charges

Friends often share expenses or take turns buying dinner, drinks and even the occasional recreational activity. For some Illinois residents, this recreational activity can take the form of drugs that the friends are planning to both use. While this may appear to be a fairly harmless activity, it may result in drug charges or worse.

The penalties of a first offense DUI

The summer is coming to a close and young people are preparing to return to college. For many, the college lifestyle is a thrilling time full of friends, new experiences, enlightening education and rewarding challenges. For many students, the college lifestyle also often comes with drinking alcohol.

Driver's license reinstatement after drunk driving conviction

Drunk driving is a serious problem throughout Illinois as well as the rest of the nation. In fact, it is estimated that over 40 percent of all traffic related deaths are in some way related to drunk driving. As a result, the penalties for drunk driving are designed to discourage individuals from such activity. One penalty that often causes concern for individuals is the loss of the driver's license; driver's license reinstatement is often a primary concern once the dust settles and they are ready to move forward.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges

Flashing lights in the rear view mirror can send waves of panic through an Illinois driver. Questions of what have I done or how fast was I going typically rush through the mind. The driver often looks around to make sure that nothing questionable is lying around and then begins to reach for the necessary documents that the officer is likely to request. Then, if items are present which could lead to drug charges, the driver has even more reason to be concerned.

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