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After representing the Illinois Secretary of State, and then working as a Hearing Officer, I founded my criminal defense firm with a commitment to helping clients defend themselves from criminal charges and re-establish their driving privileges. I know that people make mistakes in life, and I believe that second chances are important.

Contact me today to schedule an appointment. I can assist you in understanding your rights and options in any criminal law issues.

Whether you are facing DUI charges, another traffic violation, driver’s license reinstatement issues or other criminal matters, I can help you prepare and understand how any potential case resolutions may impact your life.

I Know What License Hearing Officers Look For – I Used To Be One

Many people wrongly believe that if they attend a Secretary of State hearing on their own, they will achieve the same results as they would by hiring an attorney. When you try to get your license back, Hearing Officers will ask specific questions, often about things that happened years or decades ago, and they have no motivation to make sure you understand those questions.

I know and understand those questions, and I offer clients a valuable legal perspective because I used to be the one who made the recommendations on these cases. Since my time as a Hearing Officer, I have represented many clients at Secretary of State hearings and have had great success. In fact, other attorneys from across the state refer their clients to my firm for driver’s license reinstatement.

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Contact me at 800-584-0812 for a free consultation. If meeting me at my office is inconvenient, I will meet you at a location that is easier for you to get to. I quote you a flat fee up front on driver’s license reinstatement matters – you will not incur any additional costs as long you have fully disclosed the details of your current situation and do not acquire any further criminal charges or other violations. I offer flexible payment plans and accept all major credit cards.

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