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What are the possible consequences of traffic violations for CDL drivers?

Holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Illinois comes with significant responsibility. As such, traffic violations can result in more severe consequences for someone with a CDL than a regular driver’s license holder.

Understanding how traffic violations impact CDL holders is essential for anyone in this profession. A traffic offense for a CDL holder can lead to legal penalties and professional repercussions. This may affect an affected driver’s livelihood and future employment opportunities.

Serious traffic violations for CDL holders

Certain traffic violations are considered more serious for CDL holders in Illinois. These include excessive speeding, reckless driving, improper lane changes and following vehicles too closely. A conviction for these offenses can result in disqualification of the CDL for a period, depending on the severity and frequency of the violations. For instance, two serious traffic violations within three years can lead to a minimum 60-day disqualification.

Additionally, offenses like driving under the influence (DUI) or leaving the scene of an accident carry even more severe consequences. A DUI conviction, for example, can result in a one-year disqualification of the CDL for a first offense and a lifetime disqualification for a second offense. Given the higher stakes involved, this highlights the importance of adherence to traffic laws for CDL holders.

Impact on employment and insurance

Traffic violations can also affect a CDL holder’s employment prospects. Many commercial driving employers closely scrutinize driving records, and a history of traffic violations can make finding or keeping a job challenging. Some companies have strict policies regarding traffic offenses, potentially leading to the loss of employment following a violation.

Traffic violations can also lead to increased insurance premiums for CDL holders. Insurance companies often view violations as indicators of riskier driving behavior, which can result in higher costs for insurance coverage. This additional financial burden can significantly impact a commercial driver’s expenses.

Any commercial driver with pending traffic infractions should ensure they have legal representation that can assist them with learning how to address the specifics of their case. Specific defense options may be particularly beneficial for preserving commercial driving privileges.