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Illinois police officer suspected of drunk driving

More and more individuals are being stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol each year. If an accident occurs under these circumstances, subsequent charges can be severe. A police officer was recently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after he ran into a utility pole in Illinois. He will likely seek legal counsel for assistance in defending against the charges.

Man facing drug charges after compliance check in Illinois

Being convicted of a drug-related crime can alter a person's future dramatically. Even if the sentence does not involve jail, it can have a negative impact on other areas, such as employment or reputation. Many people find it beneficial to seek legal counsel when facing a similar circumstance, for assistance in forming an early defense strategy. An Illinois man is facing multiple drug charges after a routine compliance check.

Tow truck driver could lose CDL after drunk driving charge

Many Illinois residents have commercial drivers licenses (CDLs) in order to drive certain trucks both short and long distances. A drunk driving charge puts that license in jeopardy, and so does refusing to submit to a drug test or blood alcohol test. A tow truck driver was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI, and he faces losing his CDL license for a year because he apparently refused to submit to a drug test.

Ex-prison officers facing drug charges and sexual misconduct

Allegations of bringing unauthorized drugs into the prison facility where he was employed, along with claims of sexual misconduct, have resulted in criminal charges being filed against a former officer of the Logan Correctional Facility. A second former corrections employee has also been charged for supposedly having sexual contact with an inmate at the same facility. The sex and drug charges are for acts said to have been committed in 2016 at the Illinois facility located in Lincoln.

Remorse for drunk driving death leads to no prison time

Most Illinois residents are aware of the dangers of getting behind the wheel after indulging in alcoholic beverages. Even so, people make mistakes and some end up accused of drunk driving. If an emergency arises, an impaired driver's reaction times are diminished and judgment is compromised. When another individual fails to obey a traffic law and an accident occurs, the fact that the other driver was drunk could still result in criminal charges even if that driver might not have been at fault under ordinary circumstances.

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