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Effective Representation, Personal Service And Competitive FeesGet Speedie Legal Help

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Effective Representation, Personal Service And Competitive Fees

Have you been accused of a crime in Nashville or elsewhere in Southern Illinois? Do you need an experienced lawyer to defend you against a drunk driving charge or other traffic offense? Do you want your driver’s license reinstated? Get Speedie legal help.

I am attorney Tom Speedie. I bring more than 20 years of experience to handling criminal and DUI matters in Southern Illinois.

Whether you face a drunk driving charge or any other criminal offense, my goal is to minimize the impact it has on your life. I will develop a legal strategy aimed at eliminating fines, preventing incarceration, and allowing you to keep or restore your driving privileges.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense
Criminal Defense
Traffic Violations
Traffic Violations
License Reinstatement
License Reinstatement

Illinois had a ‘stop’ so I couldn’t renew my Missouri driver’s license. After being denied at my first hearing, I called Tom Speedie. He helped me with my hearing, which cleared the way for me to get my license back.

Ronnie — St. Louis, MO

My license was revoked both for a DUI and for a felony involving a motor vehicle. Tom Speedie got my license back at my first hearing.

James — Belleville, IL

I’ve had three DUIs. I went to a formal hearing alone, and got denied. I went to a formal hearing with Tom Speedie and got my license back.

John — East Alton, IL

My license was revoked for a year because of a DUI that I received in Florida. Another attorney suggested I call Tom Speedie. I called and Tom represented me at an informal hearing. As the result of this hearing — my first — I received a permit so I could continue to work while my license is revoked.

Scott — Southern Illinois

Having a lawyer represent me at my hearing made a huge difference. I have been trying, by myself, to get my license back for years. After being denied at hearings, I got discouraged. I decided to try again, and hired Tom Speedie. I got a permit at my first hearing with his help.

Jim — Nashville, IL

Personal Attention And A Professional Approach When You Need It Most

You don’t need to go to a big-city firm to get effective legal representation. I am a trusted local lawyer with knowledge of courtrooms in Washington County and throughout Southern Illinois. I know how to get results. My record of success and praise from past clients is proof.

My reputation in the Southern Illinois legal community is well-known. I have held leadership positions in the Washington County Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association.

You May Not Have To Appear In Court

Many cases can be resolved without a court appearance. Much of the work that is necessary in a large percentage of cases can be completed via phone, email or fax for your convenience. If we do have to meet, and my Nashville office location is inconvenient, I will come to you.

Call 800-584-0812 or use the contact form on this website to provide details of your case and schedule a free consultation.