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The costs of driving with a suspended license

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Uncategorized

Perhaps you acquired multiple speeding tickets, traffic offenses or a DUI charge. The court suspends your license, but you need to travel to and from work, visit family and run other errands. You continue to drive, hoping you do not commit any other offenses or get in an accident.

Driving with a suspended license constitutes a serious crime in Illinois. The court may find that your decision to disobey a court order may result in serious fines and further conviction. If you refuse to recognize court rulings and fail to travel by means other than your own car, a judge may place you behind bars.

Extensive punishments and DWLS

Illinois classifies driving while a license is suspended (DWLS) as a Class A misdemeanor. Class A misdemeanors carry the most serious charges of all misdemeanors. If the court finds you guilty, you may be subjected to the following punishments.

  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • Up to 2 years of formal probation
  • Up to a $2,500 fine

You may move on, but your charge stays

The most significant impact in a DWLS charge is perhaps the permanent mark on your record. Should you receive a guilty verdict from the court, future employers may obtain your criminal records. The feasibility of your employment at a business that requires driving may dwindle.

Employers have the right to determine whether you have the disposition to be successful in a role, and your Class A misdemeanor may demonstrate that you may lack both capability and responsibility.

Traveling by other means

If a court determines that the suspension of your license reflects proper punishment due to your traffic violations, multiple opportunities exist to continue to commute.

  • Carpool with coworkers or friends
  • Travel by bicycle
  • Utilize town and city buses
  • Use taxi or rideshare services

Illinois law determines that driving with a suspended license is dangerous and illegal. Committing a small traffic violation with a suspended license may cause life-altering inconveniences and significant consequences. Obeying convictions and continuing your path to rectifying your mistake may save you from serious penalties.