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DUIs, License Suspension and Revocation: Knowing When It Makes Sense To Fight

Getting a traffic ticket can ruin an otherwise fine day, but when a single offense or a series of offenses could lead to suspension or revocation of your driver's license, it's more than a day that will be tossed into tumult. Understanding the difference between license suspension and revocation is important.

Don't go to a driver's license reinstatement hearing alone

Not being able to drive affects your personal and professional life. Having that privilege suspended or revoked makes even ordinary tasks more of a challenge. It would be a mistake to attempt to drive on a revoked or suspended license. You might face additional legal repercussions than those that led to losing your license in the first place. You can apply for a driver's license reinstatement with the Illinois Secretary of State's Office.

Do authorities have unlimited rights to the information on our electronics?

Much has been made over the past year or two about "the Internet of things" - the trend of household items increasingly becoming connected to the Internet. We are now able to talk to an electronic device that will answer questions, turn on lights, turn up the heat, play music, provide a weather or news update, or tackle any number of other tasks.

The difference between a suspended license and a revoked license

Owning a driver's license is a right and a privilege that some people seem to take for granted in Nashville, Illinois. When you have legal issues that result in your driver's license getting suspended or revoked, it helps if you know the difference between the two consequences. This is a serious matter that can have life-altering and long-lasting effects on your life.

Pair arrested on drug charges near Northern Illinois University

Police received a tip that ultimately led them to an apartment complex near Northern Illinois University. The tipster told police that a man and a woman were selling cocaine there. When they arrived, the pair was taken into custody on drug charges.

Trustee says prescription meds plus alcohol equals drunk driving

Many Illinois residents take one or more medications for either chronic or acute ailments. Some of them warn against drinking alcohol when taken, but many people believe that it is okay to drink after a few hours have passed. Unfortunately, a village trustee recently learned that prescription medications plus alcohol could amount to drunk driving even after several hours have passed.

Car crash leads to felony drug charges for Illinois man

At approximately 6:30 p.m. on the day before Christmas Eve, police responded to a two-vehicle car accident. Upon their arrival, officers claim that one of the people involved, a 39-year-old Illinois man, was acting erratically, swaying and mumbling. That man now faces multiple drug charges and driving under the influence of drugs, along with traffic violations.

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