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Minimizing The Harm Of A Criminal Record

Even if you are arrested and never charged with a crime or charged, but never convicted, a criminal record is created in your name. Having a criminal record can affect your ability to get a job, rent an apartment and even obtain a loan.

I am attorney Tom Speedie, and I defend individuals who are facing criminal charges and help people who want to expunge a criminal record.

When Can A Criminal Record Be Expunged?

When it comes to criminal arrests, charges and convictions, it is important to understand the difference between expunging and sealing a criminal record. An expungement can be used to effectively erase any record of a criminal arrest, charge or sentence that did not result in a conviction, including:

  • Arrests for misdemeanor or felony crimes
  • Cases where a conviction was reversed, vacated or pardoned
  • Court supervised sentences where, depending on the offense, two to five years has passed

When it comes to criminal convictions, a criminal record can be sealed. Sealing a criminal record, hides any record of a conviction from public view. Only certain convictions are eligible to seal and law enforcement officials and some employers can still access sealed criminal records.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney On Your Side

You do not need to suffer the consequences of a past arrest, criminal charge or sentence for court supervision. I will represent you and your best interests in court and present compelling evidence detailing why your criminal record should be expunged.

At my law firm, Tom Speedie, Attorney at Law, P.C., I draw upon my experience representing the Illinois Secretary of State and as a Hearing Officer to help individuals successfully navigate the Illinois criminal justice system. If you have questions about the criminal charges you face or are concerned about how a prior arrest may prevent you from getting a job, I can help.

My law offices are located in Nashville and Mounds and I represent clients throughout Southern Illinois. Contact me today for a free initial consultation to learn more about your legal options. Call 800-584-0812. I look forward to helping you overcome your legal challenges.