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Plainfield man facing drunk driving charge following crash

Many thousands of motorists drive on Illinois roads and highways every day as they travel for business or personal reasons. The majority of travelers arrive at their intended destinations without incident. However, many factors can contribute to accidents on the road. A recent multi-car crash left one motorist dead and another facing drunk driving charges.

2 arrested on drug charges in Illinois

Police have a variety of different ways to conduct an investigation. However, some methods may not be entirely reliable, such as the use of an informant who may have an ulterior motive for the information provided. Despite this, two people in Illinois have been arrested and face a variety of charges, including drug charges, following an investigation that utilized a confidential informant.

Appeals court rules drunk driving testing law unconstitutional

The law is not a fixed object incapable of change, and as years go on many new laws are implemented while others are struck down. An Illinois court recently ruled that a current DUI law is unconstitutional, which ultimately led to the reversal of one man's conviction. This change could also have implications for individuals accused of drunk driving in the future.

Illinois man facing drug charges after traffic stop

An Illinois man is facing several serious criminal charges after a traffic stop with Illinois police. With the help of a drug dog, police claim they found drugs and weapons inside of his vehicle, which led to his arrest and subsequent drug charges. Although his bail was originally set for $150,000, he was able to post $15,000 in cash and was freed.

Reasons To Request A Restricted Driving Permit

If you had your driver’s license suspended or revoked, you’ve not only had a huge change to your lifestyle; you’re kept from accomplishing the basic things you need to do to have a normal life. There is an option that could get your license back for specific reasons, called a restricted driving permit.

Need to get to work? Driver's license reinstatement is key

Driving privileges often mean one important thing -- freedom. From the time you first obtained your driver's license a new world opened before you, one in which you were able to travel freely to work, school, social obligations and more. If a drunk driving arrest halted your ability to freely travel as needed, a driver's license reinstatement may help you continue life as normally as possible.

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