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Get Your License Restored Or Reinstated

Life becomes a hassle when you cannot drive due to a revoked or suspended license. You lose your ability to commute to work, drive your kids to and from day care, and attend important medical appointments. Your best chance to get your license back, or a restricted driving permit, is with a skilled Illinois administrative hearing attorney.

A Former Hearing Officer Helping You Get Your License Back

I am attorney Tom Speedie, and I help my clients obtain restricted driving permits and license reinstatements. If your Illinois license has been revoked, you need to go through a Secretary of State hearing process in order to get your license back.

  • If you live outside Illinois, an Illinois revocation places a “hold” on your home state license, and you must attend a hearing in Illinois.
  • In some cases, you may submit a detailed questionnaire by mail in order to receive out-of-state clearance.
  • In all of these cases, an Illinois Secretary of State hearing officer will decide whether or not you will get your license back. Having me on your side can greatly increase your chance of success.

The preparation for both the informal and formal Secretary of State hearings can be very confusing. There are numerous details to address and questions to be answered. Likewise, the actual hearings can be pretty intimidating, as individuals have no idea what to expect. As a former Hearing Officer, I know exactly what my clients need to prepare.

When you hire me as your lawyer, I ensure all the necessary paperwork and documentation are in order, and I explain the questions you will be asked at your hearing. At a formal hearing, I will be the primary person asking the questions. No matter whether you go to a formal or informal hearing, I will be there to assist you and answer your questions each step of the way.

Your Call Ensures A Speedie Resolution

Contact me at 800-584-0812 for a free consultation. If meeting me at my office is inconvenient, I will meet you at a location that is more convenient for you. I will quote a flat fee up front on driver’s license reinstatement matters — you will not incur any additional costs as long you have fully disclosed the details of your current situation and do not acquire any further criminal charges or other violations. In addition, I offer flexible payment plans and accept all major credit cards.

Get Speedie Legal Help – I help clients “get back on the road!”