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Two face drug charges when methamphetamine apparently discovered

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Drug Charges

There is no doubt that drugs are a problem throughout Illinois as well as the rest of the country. As such, law enforcement officers go to great lengths to protect our communities and get drugs off the street. These efforts often lead to drug charges once their investigation has been completed.

One’s home is supposed to be a place of refuge and peace. Yet, recently, two Illinois men found this to not be the case. Apparently, law enforcement officers suspected that methamphetamine was located in the home. After they conducted a search of the home, officers stated that they had discovered methamphetamine and materials required to produce methamphetamine. The two men were arrested and charged.

There are specific protocols that must be followed when officers search a home, car or other such personal property. Even if what appears to be drugs are discovered, there are also a number of issues that must be addressed. It must be determined if what is discovered is actually an illegal drug. Additionally, who the drugs belong to and what the intent to do with them is needs to be established.

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug, and it is no wonder that officers want to get it off the street. However, in doing so, it is important that the accused’s rights are protected and that the proper procedures are followed. When an Illinois resident finds himself or herself facing drug charges, he or she will want an experienced legal team working on the case. Then, when the matter goes before a judge in an Illinois court, the accused can look for the best possible outcome.