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Drunk driving consequenses

A dinner out with friends often sounds like a great idea. A nice dinner, stimulating conversation and a relaxing drink or two can make for a nice evening. However, this wonderful evening can be cut short in a matter of minutes if flashing lights suddenly appear in the rearview mirror. What began as a wonderful evening can suddenly end with drunk driving charges if Illinois law enforcement officers suspect that the driver has exceeded the legal limit.

Driver and passenger facing drug sales and distribution charges

What causes Illinois law enforcement officers to focus on a particular vehicle? Is the driver speeding, driving in a reckless manner or just looking suspicious? Apparently, something attracted attention and caused Illinois officers to stop an out-of-state vehicle. The driver and passenger are now facing a variety of drug sales and distribution charges.

Illinois driver faces drunk driving charges

Early morning hours can present some challenges for the Illinois driver. In addition to pitch-black darkness, the driver often faces the challenge of fatigue. These factors, along with others, can easily lead to driving miscalculations, errors and accidents. When this happens, it is possible that an assumption of drunk driving will be made.

Reasons for license suspension you might not know about

Driving in Illinois can be a big responsibility. There are many rules and regulations to the road and some are more obvious than others. Your license can get suspended for some obvious violations, such as DUI convictions or having too many parking tickets, but there are other grounds for license suspension, too.

4 men facing drug charges arrested in fast food parking lot

A hamburger, fries and drink are the typical fast food lunch for many Illinois residents. In fact, on any given day, fast food parking lots are filled with individuals in search of a quick meal. Some customers choose to eat inside while others prefer to remain in their cars. Regardless of the dining decision, these patrons do not expect to be served with drug charges in addition to their meals.

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