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If you go to a formal hearing without an attorney, two of the first questions the Hearing Officer will ask you are, “Do you understand that you have the right to have an attorney represent you? Do you wish to waive that right?” Many, many people answer “yes” to both of those questions. Unfortunately, choosing to “go it alone” often leads to them answering questions wrong, losing their hearing, getting frustrated with the process, and giving up. Results can ultimately include financial setbacks, or maybe even jail time if they are convicted of driving while revoked.

As an Illinois license reinstatement lawyer, I cannot stress enough the importance of having an experienced attorney on your side when you attend a formal or informal hearing to get your driver’s license back. Please read what some of my past clients have said about me and my legal representation. They offer their personal stories about working with me, and explain how a lawyer made a difference – How I was able to help them get back on the road.

Testimonials From My Driver’s License Reinstatement Clients

“I received a felony DUI and was under the impression that it would be next to impossible to get my license back. I had family responsibilities and had a wife who was deployed. I had to get to work and take my kids to and from the baby sitter. Between my wife not being around and others being busy I chose to do the foolish thing and drive without a license. Needless to say, I was caught. However, it turned out to be a fortunate event. Luckily not too much came of the driving on revoked, but the attorney representing me told me I should contact Tom Speedie. Tom is genuine and listened to me and did not judge, but told me exactly what I needed to do. He went out of his way to make sure I knew where I stood. He is truly a class act. Because of Tom Speedie, I was able to drive on restricted permits at first, for my children and work. At the next hearing I was fully reinstated. So, if you want results, go with Tom Speedie!

Good Luck!

Aaron Belleville, IL

“My license was revoked both for a DUI and for a felony involving a motor vehicle. Tom Speedie got my license back at my first hearing.”

James – Belleville, IL

“I’ve had three DUIs. I went to a formal hearing alone, and got denied. I went to a formal hearing with Tom Speedie and got my license back.”

John – East Alton, IL

“Illinois had a ‘stop’ so I couldn’t renew my Missouri driver’s license. After being denied at my first hearing, I called Tom Speedie. He helped me with my hearing, which cleared the way for me to get my license back.”

Ronnie – St. Louis, MO

“My license was revoked for a year because of a DUI that I received in Florida. Another attorney suggested I call Tom Speedie. I called and Tom represented me at an informal hearing. As the result of this hearing – my first – I received a permit so I could continue to work while my license is revoked.”

Scott – Southern Illinois

“I was denied at two informal hearings after being revoked for a Wisconsin DUI. My lawyer, who does not practice before the Secretary of State, recommended Tom Speedie. He represented me at a hearing, and I was offered a restricted driving permit. I really need a full driver’s license for my work. I called Tom and asked if he could do anything to get my license back soon. Tom contacted the Secretary of State, rejected the restricted driving permit and took me right back for another hearing. I got my license back.”

Kenneth – Centreville, IL

“Having a lawyer represent me at my hearing made a huge difference. I have been trying, by myself, to get my license back for years. After being denied at hearings, I got discouraged. I decided to try again, and hired Tom Speedie. I got a permit at my first hearing with his help.”

Jim – Nashville, IL

“I have been through several hearings. I went to my first hearing without a lawyer and was denied. I had a lawyer at my second hearing, and was given a permit. I went to my third hearing unrepresented, after driving on a permit, and was denied. My previous lawyer suggested I hire Tom Speedie. I’m glad I did. He not only assisted me with the process, but even talked with my employer and helped me keep my job while I worked on getting a permit. The Secretary of State granted me another permit after my first hearing with Tom.”

John – O’Fallon, IL

Illinois Revoked License Lawyer

I represent clients who need to get their Illinois driver’s license back, a restricted driving permit or clearance from Illinois to get their driver’s license in another state. I represent clients at formal and informal hearings in Southern Illinois, where I was a Secretary of State Hearing Officer. Contact me at 800-584-0812 for a free consultation. If meeting me at my office is inconvenient, I will meet you at a location that is easier for you to get to. I quote you a flat fee up front, and you will not incur any additional costs as long you have fully disclosed the details of your current situation, and do not acquire any further criminal charges. I offer flexible payment plans, and accept all major credit cards.

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