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Man facing drug charges after compliance check in Illinois

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

Being convicted of a drug-related crime can alter a person’s future dramatically. Even if the sentence does not involve jail, it can have a negative impact on other areas, such as employment or reputation. Many people find it beneficial to seek legal counsel when facing a similar circumstance, for assistance in forming an early defense strategy. An Illinois man is facing multiple drug charges after a routine compliance check.

According to police, a parole officer discovered illegal drugs at the man’s residence while performing a compliance check. After obtaining a warrant to search the property, various drugs and drug paraphernalia were apparently discovered in the residence. He was arrested on several counts of unlawful possession, including intent to distribute. At last report, he was being held at a local jail for a bond to be set.

A person who is facing a similar situation has the right to contest the charges. Many have little knowledge of the process, which may increase the difficulty of a particular situation. By seeking legal advice, a strategy can be formed to combat the charges, which may assist in getting them reduced and, in some cases, dropped altogether.

A conviction of this nature can have disastrous consequences. A successful defense is crucial in protecting the future of the accused. An attorney who is experienced in defending drug charges can examine all the evidence against a person and give him or her advice on how to proceed. When facing similar circumstances, people in Illinois typically retain a criminal law attorney for assistance in pursuing the best overall outcome given the situation.

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