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Ex-prison officers facing drug charges and sexual misconduct

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

Allegations of bringing unauthorized drugs into the prison facility where he was employed, along with claims of sexual misconduct, have resulted in criminal charges being filed against a former officer of the Logan Correctional Facility. A second former corrections employee has also been charged for supposedly having sexual contact with an inmate at the same facility. The sex and drug charges are for acts said to have been committed in 2016 at the Illinois facility located in Lincoln.

The first man, a 31-year-old resident of Chatham and near two-year employee of the facility, has been indicted by a grand jury on four charges, including unauthorized delivery of contraband into a penal institution by an employee and custodial sexual misconduct. He is alleged to have given a 27-year-old female inmate two different drugs after bringing them into the prison on Oct. 16. The claims of sexual misconduct by the man involve the same inmate and are said to have occurred over a period of more than four months that ended on Oct. 16. A second inmate claims to have also received drugs from the man in October.

The second man has also been accused of sexual misconduct with a prisoner. He had been an employee of the Illinois Department of Corrections for 21 years and is alleged to have had sexual contact with a 44-year-old inmate between June 1 and Nov.15. Five counts of custodial sexual misconduct have been filed against the 54-year-old Riverton resident.

The men accused of these crimes are entitled to retain legal representation to defend themselves against the charges. A lawyer, with a comprehensive review of all testimony and evidence where drug charges and sexual misconduct have been alleged, can build the strongest possible defense for those accused of these transgressions. Whether by defense in an Illinois court or a possible plea bargain, the best available options can be explored to focus on achieving the most favorable outcome for the client.

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