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2 arrested on drug charges in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

Police have a variety of different ways to conduct an investigation. However, some methods may not be entirely reliable, such as the use of an informant who may have an ulterior motive for the information provided. Despite this, two people in Illinois have been arrested and face a variety of charges, including drug charges, following an investigation that utilized a confidential informant.

Police claim that the alleged crimes that led to the charges happened on Dec. 18 and Jan. 10. According to reports, an officer stopped a driver in mid-November. That driver claimed he obtained what is believed to have been marijuana and methamphetamine from an apartment connected with one of the people now charged. As a result, police searched the trash at the apartment and claimed they discovered plastic bags believed to have drug residue, cutting agents and drug paraphernalia.

Further investigation ensued with police even using a confidential informant they say claimed to have bought drugs at the apartment. A search of the residence was eventually conducted. Police say in the search they discovered over $19,000 in cash as well as guns and drugs. Two people have been taken into custody and charged. A 59-year-old man is currently being held on $5 million bond while a 40-year-old woman described as his associate is being held on $3 million bond.

Unfortunately, matters of criminal law are often complex, leaving people without extensive legal training unsure how to proceed when facing drug charges, among others. However, an experienced defense attorney can examine all aspects of a case, including whether unlawful treatment occurred during the investigation or arrest of a suspect. With such a professional on their side, defendants in Illinois often have more confidence in the decisions they must make.

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