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Need to get to work? Driver’s license reinstatement is key

Driving privileges often mean one important thing — freedom. From the time you first obtained your driver’s license a new world opened before you, one in which you were able to travel freely to work, school, social obligations and more. If a drunk driving arrest halted your ability to freely travel as needed, a driver’s license reinstatement may help you continue life as normally as possible.

In Illinois, your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked soon after a DUI arrest. That administrative suspension does not magically disappear if you are found innocent or have the charges dropped. This is incredibly frustrating for many people facing DUI allegations, as most people still need reliable transportation to and from work or to drop their children off at school.

You may request a hearing to reinstate your driving privileges, but the process can be confusing. There are options for both informal and formal hearings that involve seemingly endless questions and requests for additional details. Even the preparation process can be overwhelming, leading some to abandon the cause before it has even truly started.

Driver’s license reinstatement can make an invaluable difference in your life after a DUI arrest. Retaining your driving privileges may ensure that you are able to maintain your employment or continue your education. It is key that you take swift action in these matters and request a hearing in as timely a manner as possible. However, because of the complicated nature of license reinstatement hearings in Illinois, it is important to consult an experienced counsel who is familiar with the process, as he or she can provide necessary guidance and vigorous representation to the best end possible.