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More than just simple drug charges

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Drug Charges

Friends often share expenses or take turns buying dinner, drinks and even the occasional recreational activity. For some Illinois residents, this recreational activity can take the form of drugs that the friends are planning to both use. While this may appear to be a fairly harmless activity, it may result in drug charges or worse.

It starts as an opportunity for friends to relax and unwind. One friend shares with another. Then, something goes wrong, and it is necessary to call for medical assistance. The line between purchasing items to share with friends and dealing drugs can be a blurry one.

As the number of overdose deaths has become a concern throughout Illinois, the manner in which law enforcement and legislation has responded has become increasingly severe. In some instances, the friend who bought drugs and then shared them with others who had also purchased drugs has been charged as a drug dealer and even as the responsible party in the event of an overdose. What began as an opportunity to relax and hang out with friends ends in tragedy for all involved.

When an Illinois resident finds him or herself facing drug charges, he or she will want to work with an experienced defense team. In addition to possession, the individual may face additional charges depending upon the type of drugs that are found, the evidence uncovered in the investigation and the physical condition of those involved. The individual will want to make sure that the best defense is presented in order to receive the optimum result.