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Don’t go to a driver’s license reinstatement hearing alone

Not being able to drive affects your personal and professional life. Having that privilege suspended or revoked makes even ordinary tasks more of a challenge. It would be a mistake to attempt to drive on a revoked or suspended license. You might face additional legal repercussions than those that led to losing your license in the first place. You can apply for a driver’s license reinstatement with the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office.

Even if you do not get your license back, you might be able to receive a restricted driving permit. Attempting to go through the process alone could sabotage your chances, however. There is a formal and informal hearing process, and both of them have their complexities and can be confusing.

An attorney could assist you and ensure that you adhere to the numerous requirements and details involved in the process. He or she can make sure that the paperwork and associated documentation are complete. Preparing for the hearing is crucial. Understanding the questions you will be asked and knowing how to properly address the hearing officer’s concerns and questions could make all the difference. Feeling prepared could help reduce the stress of what might otherwise be considered an intimidating process.

You need to understand the process and your legal rights in order to alleviate that stress. Some Illinois residents misinterpret the importance of an informal driver’s license reinstatement hearing as well. Just because it is not called a “formal” hearing, does not diminish the stakes of its outcome. Therefore, whether you are facing a formal or informal hearing, it is vital that you are as prepared as possible.