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CDL traffic violations and suspensions

Driving a tractor-trailer requires skill and the appropriate license. Persons with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from Illinois may explore their career path as professional truckers. As with a standard license, CDL holders must follow the law or risk the consequences. Truck drivers who commit moving violations may receive a citation. Sometimes, a traffic violation could put a driver’s livelihood in jeopardy.

CDL taffic violations

In Illinois, a driver’s license suspension is referred to as a disqualified license. When a driver suffers a CDL disqualification, they may not operate a vehicle until the disqualification period ends. An independent trucker would be unable to earn an income driving their tractor-trailer during this timeframe. Persons employed by a trucking company would suffer a potentially worse fate. Their employer might fire them instead of letting them resume their duties when the suspension ends.

Be aware that a person might face a disqualification when they commit serious moving violations during a specific time period. Specifically, they would face the consequences after committing two serious traffic violations in a two-year period or three within a three-year period. Serious traffic violations may involve tailgating, driving at excessive speeds, reckless driving and more.

Addressing CDL violations

Commercial truck drivers may fight their traffic citations in court. If there is compelling evidence to show the driver should not have received a ticket, the citation may be dismissed. Sometimes, the evidence points to a violation, and the driver may plead guilty to the ticket and opt for traffic school.

Serious traffic incidents may result in criminal charges and a subsequent conviction. Sometimes, a truck driver could have a past criminal offense expunged from their record. An expungement means no one will see the conviction when performing a background check. An expungement may work in the driver’s favor when seeking future employment.