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Representation without delays may help in DUI cases

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Drunk Driving

Anyone pulled over for a DUI in Illinois could face serious consequences. Fines, license suspensions, and jail time are possible outcomes, with repeat offenders potentially facing more severe penalties. Some drivers could make an error in judgment when facing their first DUI arrest and not seek immediate representation from qualified counsel. Such a decision could make dealing with the charges more challenging.

Representation and DUI/DWI charges

When someone faces charges for driving under the influence, the core argument centers on whether the person was too impaired to operate a vehicle. Someone whose BAC is above the legal limit could have a hard time claiming otherwise. Don’t assume someone has to be legally drunk to face DUI charges. Even when BAC is below the legal limit, a person could be too drunk to drive safely.

A driver need not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to face charges. Legal prescriptions and OTC medicines might support a DUI charge. However, an effective defense could raise questions about whether someone was truly too impaired to drive.

Legal challenges to DUI charges

An attorney could approach a case in ways the defendant did not think possible. For example, the attorney might establish a blood test was faulty, undermining the case against the client. DUI charges may end up dismissed in such a scenario.

When the state has compelling evidence proving a DUI, an attorney may plead with the court for reduced sentencing. The case’s specifics and the driver’s history might have a bearing on such outcomes.

Hiring an attorney without delays seems appropriate. A suspect could make incriminating statements or otherwise hurt their case when not relying on an attorney’s representation.