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Ongoing costs of a DUI conviction

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Blog, Drunk Driving

Of all traffic citations, DWI and DUI are usually the most costly. Some regions are known to be hotspots of police activity. Busy interstates and high traffic areas are not the only places targeted by police. Local throughways and back roads like those found in Nashville, Illinois are popular spots for random checkpoints and sobriety checks.

Financial tolls of DUI

Acceptable blood alcohol levels cannot exceed .08 percent in the United States. Individuals absorb alcohol at different rates, and there are many variable that can affect the rate of absorption. Drivers who are pulled over and found to be in violation of a field sobriety test may face any or all of the following:

  1. Arrest
  2. Steep fines
  3. Loss of license
  4. Imprisonment
  5. Mandatory counseling

Most individuals who are arrested for a DUI infraction seek the help of an attorney experienced in DUI law and defense. Fines and court costs are inevitable in these types of cases. Auto insurance rates are a longer term, but still very tangible ongoing cost of a DUI conviction.

Time associated with DUI convictions

In addition to the upfront costs and future insurance rates, there are many other costs associates with a DUI arrest or conviction. Some courts have implemented DUI law that focuses heavily on rehabilitation.

Court mandated drug and alcohol programs are designed with a twofold benefit in mind. First, they can lighten criminal punishment when imposed by the Court. Second, they are useful tools to help individuals with dependency issues. These programs may be helpful, but they are are not free. Some require payment per visit, which may or may not be covered by insurance. In addition to the financial requirement, there is usually a mandatory time commitment as well. Weekly meeting often last more than one hour, plus transportation time.

DUI convictions come with so many tentacles that it can be difficult for a person to untangle themselves once involved. These situations are not to be taken lightly, even on the first offense. Legal counsel may be able to review the charges and make suitable recommendations.