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What happens when CDL drivers face revocations?

A driver may go years without ever receiving a traffic ticket, and then mistakes may lead to more than one in a short period. Non-commercial drivers might weather the traffic court storm, but those holding a commercial driver’s license could suffer immensely upon receiving multiple tickets. Illinois CDL drivers could potentially lose their license and livelihood.

Concerns about traffic violations

Per Illinois law, CDL drivers that commit multiple serious violations within three years could suffer a license revocation. “Serious traffic violations” could include excessive speeding, tailgating, reckless driving, and more. A CDL driver who chooses to not fight a “bad” ticket may end up out of a career since the revocation now makes it illegal to operate a commercial vehicle.

Sometimes, prevention and avoidance serve as the appropriate ways to prevent license revocations. In other words, drivers should not make mistakes that lead them into trouble.

CDL drivers might find investing in additional defensive driving training could help them after experiencing close calls on the road. A driver may wish to make sure a vehicle remains in compliance with equipment rules. Equipment violations might lead to troubles, as well. Why not take steps to make sure no violations exist?

Dealing with a traffic ticket

Not all traffic ticket incidents turn out to be “cut and dry.” A traffic citation for failure to use a turn signal might derive from an officer’s false perception. Was an “unsafe lane change” performed to avoid an accident? Such things may come into consideration when defending a ticket. Perhaps dashcam evidence could support a CDL driver did not violate any laws.

A truck or other commercial driver might find the idea of presenting a defense in court daunting. Those not familiar with addressing CDL traffic violations in court could have a difficult time stating their case. Perhaps hiring an attorney may prove beneficial. An experienced attorney could represent a client-facing possible license revocation.