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Could traffic violation points impact a CDL holder’s career?

Moving violations could happen even when a driver has no intention to violate traffic laws. However, a driver may make a lane change without signaling or unknowingly increase his or her speed beyond the posted limit. Such infractions may lead to a citation, fine and points on a person’s license. For someone with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), traffic citations bring more than added costs. An Illinois truck driver could end up losing his or her job.

The point system and CDL drivers

Drivers who violate traffic laws receive points on their records. Upon amassing a significant number of points from traffic violation convictions, drivers may get their licenses suspended or revoked. And some violations are worse than others. The failure to possess a CDL metes out a tremendous 50 points while speeding five miles over the speed limit assigns five points.

Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers must be aware that multiple “serious traffic violations” within three years may lead to their licenses being revoked. Points fall off an offender’s record, but it may take up to five years after his or her conviction date.

Truck drivers ticketed in other states may soon discover that the violation also affects their records in Illinois. So CDL holders may benefit from taking extreme care when operating a commercial vehicle and a personal one.

The impact on a truck driver’s livelihood

A driver who gets his or her license suspended or revoked can’t operate a vehicle. By force of law, the driver is out of a job. Actually, a driver could end up losing his or her job without receiving a suspension or revocation. An employer may have a policy regarding moving violations. A trucking company may have a zero-tolerance policy and dismiss a driver with only one minor traffic conviction.

Looking for a new trucking job may prove challenging. Employers may perform a background check and opt to not hire someone with any points on his or her driving record. Thankfully, drivers have a chance to contest a traffic ticket. An attorney could represent someone in court and may seek to dismiss the ticket.

Illinois traffic laws impose points on drivers convicted of traffic violations. Traffic convictions could prove professionally damaging to CMV drivers, prompting some individuals to hire an attorney.