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Wedding guest faces drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2018 | Drunk Driving

After having one or two drinks, one’s ability to make sound decisions is often affected. While the individual will recognize faulty logic under normal circumstances, this is not always the case once alcohol becomes involved. In some instances, the Illinois resident does not realize that he or she is not legally able to drive and ends up facing drunk driving charges.

In one recent instance, a wedding guest apparently had too much to drink. According to his statement, he and his passenger had both consumed alcoholic beverages at the wedding. Additionally, he indicated that he believed he was more sober than his passenger; therefore, it made more sense for him to be the one to drive home. Upon completing a breathalyzer test, officers indicate that the driver’s blood alcohol level was approximately twice the legal limit.

A situation such as this one raises a number of questions such as what led officers to stop the driver in the first place. Additionally, were the procedures and tests utilized done so in an accurate manner? Furthermore, were the arresting officers adequately training in these test procedures. There are numerous factors which will need to be considered.

Prior to answering to drunk driving charges before a judge in an Illinois court, the accused will want to work with experienced legal counsel. The consequences associated with a conviction can be severe. The accused will want to be certain that the evidence has been properly acquired and analyzed. Additionally, it is vital that the individual’s rights are protected.