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Get the facts about driver’s license reinstatement

Your license was suspended for some reason, and everyone offers you unsolicited advice about getting it back. Your friends, family and co-workers may mean well, but the information you receive from them may not be accurate. What you need are some facts about the driver’s license reinstatement process here in Illinois.

Some of the biggest myths regarding this process involve whether you need an attorney. You may have heard that you are not allowed representation at a formal hearing. You may have heard that an attorney is not useful in an informal hearing. In reality, you may be represented at a formal hearing, and you will likely benefit significantly from the preparation your legal advocate can provide before an informal hearing.

Knowing what you are walking into can help alleviate the stress and intimidation that many people feel prior to such hearings — especially if you were told that no one receives good news at a first hearing. This is simply untrue. With the appropriate preparation, your first hearing does not necessarily have to end with a denial. You can admit that you drink on occasion and still get your license back — unless you actually are an alcoholic, in which case you may be barred from drinking in order to be able to drive again.

More than likely, you need your license back for a variety of reasons, the least of which being able to provide for you and your family. The myths you heard from other people could cause you to avoid going through the Illinois driver’s license reinstatement process. The only way to truly dispel these and other myths is to discuss your circumstances with an attorney who can explain how the process actually works, your rights and that how you could benefit from his or her assistance.