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Don’t Take Chances With Speeding Tickets

If you have gotten a speeding ticket in Nashville, Washington County or elsewhere in Southern Illinois, you do not have to plead guilty and pay the ticket. There are other options. Fighting a speeding ticket is possible with the help of an experienced traffic violations lawyer.

I am attorney Tom Speedie. When you choose me to defend you against accusations of exceeding the speed limit, you will benefit from my 20 years of experience. I will help you understand your options and fight the speeding ticket.

Why Hiring A Lawyer To Fight A Speeding Ticket Makes Sense

People often think that hiring a Nashville speeding ticket attorney is just not worth it. However, they are usually not taking into account the full cost of paying the ticket. They look at the fine on the ticket and think that is all they are paying, only to find out later about the unseen costs.

The first of the unseen costs of a speeding ticket to consider is the increase in your insurance premiums. To your insurance company, a ticket is a sign that you are at increased risk of an auto accident. Depending on your overall driving history and other factors, your insurance rates could increase substantially and they could stay high for years.

When you add up the cost of the fine and the extra insurance premiums you will be forced to pay, you may find that the cost of hiring an attorney is actually cheaper. That is not even taking into consideration the other unseen costs of a speeding ticket, including the risk of driver’s license suspension or revocation. I will educate you about the potential costs and guide you through the alternatives. Even if it seems the evidence against you is strong, I may be able to minimize the impact and cost of the speeding ticket.

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