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Driving With A Suspended Or Revoked License Can Have Long-Term Consequences

Experienced Legal Representation Is Necessary

People rely on their ability to drive. When they lose their driving privileges due to a drunk driving conviction or other traffic violations and are forced to turn to public transportation or other alternatives, they find it stressful and difficult. Many people drive with a suspended or revoked license. Others begin to drive after their suspension or revocation time is up, unaware that their driving privileges may not be automatically restored. Unfortunately, when they are caught, they face the prospect of even more serious consequences, including the strong possibility of jail time. If you have been charged with driving while license suspended or revoked, you need help from a dedicated lawyer.

I am attorney Tom Speedie. I serve individuals who face charges in Nashville, Washington County and Southern Illinois. You can be confident in my ability to help you overcome these charges and minimize the consequences you face.

A Serious Charge With Serious Penalties

For a first offense of driving while license suspended or revoked, a conviction could result in up to a year behind bars and fines of up to $2,500. If your driver’s license was suspended, the original suspension period will be doubled. If your driver’s license was revoked, you will face revocation for an additional year. One of the penalties that catch many people by surprise is that seizure or forfeiture of vehicle is possible. Not only will you lose your driving privileges, you may lose your car.

While a first offense is charged as a misdemeanor, a second offense is a felony. The penalties go up dramatically and it becomes even more important to hire a trusted lawyer. Whether this is the first time you have faced this charge or not, I can help.

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