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Your suspended driver’s license

Traffic violations in Illinois can leave you owning a car but without the right to drive it. Having a suspended license may even prevent you from working. There are a few steps you can take to reinstate your license, and the most important among them is to not drive without valid permission. Until you regain your license and driving privileges, try doing the following.

Obeying court orders

In traffic violation cases, the defendant who is being suspended from driving must obey a judge’s orders. The traffic violations you commit dictate the severity of the penalties you receive. The first step is a waiting period of at least three weeks. This is how long it takes to get your Restricted Driving Permit via mail. However, it can take up to five weeks.

Paying your dues

The suspension you receive from a traffic violation in the state of Illinois can cost roughly $70. In extreme cases, residents must pay up to $500. Just keep in mind that these costs are not reinstatement fees. You pay this money for failing to safely follow public laws.

Getting reexamined at the DMV

Once you have paid your fees and followed the court’s orders, getting your license reinstated requires you to undergo a driving test. You have to retake the same test you passed to earn your license. This often calls for serious preparation, so you need to study and ensure that you don’t have to take this test numerous times. Failing your DMV test is a type of violation.

If writing a judge directly

In some instances, you can write your judge in order to inform him or her about how not having a license is negatively affecting your personal life. Expressing your regret is always favorable, but trying to present how you can’t, for example, help your kids without driving may be necessary. There are no guarantees with writing a judge directly, but a letter that shows respect and regret could be well-received.

Traffic violations in Illinois come with serious penalties. In order to keep your driving privileges, understand local laws, and aim to be as orderly as possible. Above all else, strive to avoid committing repeated offenses.