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Driver’s license reinstatement after revocation

The worst part appears to be over. The Illinois resident has suffered the consequences of a drunk driving conviction and is now ready to move on with his or her life. One important step in this is the driver’s license reinstatement process.

A drunk driving conviction brings with it a number of consequences. In addition to monetary fines, the individual’s license will most likely be suspended or revoked. In order for the individual to have the driver’s license reinstated, certain steps must be taken.

One of the first requirements is that the individual have a clear driving record and have successfully completed an alcohol education program. Once this has been completed, the individual is required to meet with a hearing officer from the Secretary of State’s office. At this meeting, the individual will have to prove that this reinstatement will not further endanger the public. In addition to this information, the officer will also take into consideration the seriousness of the original offense, the individual’s driving record and efforts the individual has taken to rectify the situation.

In addition to obtaining approval from the hearing officer and paying the reinstatement fees, the individual must also pass the driving license test. This test will consist of the written, field and vision test. Again, the individual will also be responsible for paying this application fee.

Depending upon the circumstances, driver’s license reinstatement may not be an automatic process. As will other legal matters, the Illinois resident will benefit from working with experienced legal counsel. The driver’s license is often an essential part of one’s life and livelihood.