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East Chicago man facing drug charges following search of car

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

Law enforcement officials routinely receive information from a  variety of sources in Illinois. They follow up on the tips given and, in some situations, make arrests following their investigations. Recently, a man was arrested in East Chicago on drug charges after police allegedly discovered marijuana in his car.

According to police, residents of an apartment complex had complained about a marijuana odor coming from one of the units in the building. Officers discovered that there was a truck registered to an occupant of the unit in question parked outside. During their investigation, police evidently saw a man take a backpack from the truck, then leave the complex in another vehicle.

Reports show that police stopped the other car and questioned the driver. The man gave the police officer permission to search the car. During the search, a bag containing a green, leafy substance was discovered. Tests supposedly shows that the substance was 1 pound of marijuana. While further searching the car,  additional marijuana weighing 218 pounds was allegedly found.

The driver of the car acknowledged that the 1 pound bag of marijuana was his. However, he stated that the additional quantities of the substance belonged to someone else. The man has been charged with two felony counts of dealing marijuana and two counts of marijuana possession.

Facing drug charges in Illinois can be an unnerving experience, leaving a person uncertain about what to do. The first course of action should be to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. A trusted lawyer can help someone understand the charges against them and how best to navigate the legal process. A knowledgeable attorney will work with clients to protect their reputations and freedom.

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