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What makes a good criminal defense attorney

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2017 | Blog

If you have been charged with DUI in Washington County or elsewhere in southern Illinois, the importance of an experienced criminal defense attorney cannot be understated. Many people already know that lawyers are advocates and legal counselors (because nearly every advertisement says this in one way or another), but few people truly understand what attorneys do and how clients in trouble can benefit from their expertise. This post will highlight some of things that make a good criminal defense lawyer.

Finding available legal defenses to drunk driving charges

While this goes without saying, a good criminal defense lawyer knows the law, and more importantly, the legal precedent that applies to the crime you are being charged with. Criminal defense lawyers in southern Illinois are trained to pick out unique aspects of a case that support a defense or may favor your position. If you are being charged with drunk driving, driving after suspension or if marijuana was found in your car, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will analyze the circumstances that led the police to stop you in the first place. This analysis could nullify the charges altogether.

A good criminal defense attorney will develop your case

Aside from making legal arguments, there may be a significant amount of legwork that goes into developing your case. This may include locating and questioning witnesses, investigating reports and statements made against you, evaluating possible defenses and hiring experts to conduct further tests and investigations. Essentially, an attorney is well suited to find evidence that can help your case.

A skilled lawyer will give you a reality check

Some people facing drunk driving charges believe that if they have a lawyer, they are automatically going to win their case. However, a seasoned defense attorney can objectively review your case and help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case. To that end, your lawyer can explain the benefits (and the consequences of) pleading guilty, as well as your chances of success at trial. Objectivity and experience are invaluable when you are trying to decide whether or not to accept a prosecutor’s plea bargain.

A good lawyer negotiates the best possible deal

When a plea bargain is on the table, it takes an objective mind to properly evaluate all the options available. An experienced criminal defense attorney can work with prosecutors to reduce your potential sentence or eliminate some of the charges brought against you. A good lawyer can also suggest alternative sentences and diversion programs that can help you avoid jail time while still serving your sentence. This knowledge can be invaluable in avoiding future legal trouble.

By considering these attributes, you should be confident in hiring the right criminal defense attorney.