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Driver’s license reinstatement might be possible

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

One of the most disconcerting aspects of facing a drunk driving charge is the loss of driving privileges. A valid driver’s license is often necessary for maintaining gainful employment, traveling to and from school or even just carrying out daily tasks. A driving permit or driver’s license reinstatement is sometimes possible for Illinois drivers who rely on their vehicle.

Drivers are often shocked to discover that their licenses are suspended on the 46th day after a drunk driving arrest, and is not contingent upon a conviction. It can be tempting to continue driving on a suspended license when something as important as a job is on the line. However, being pulled over while on a suspended license can lead to additional criminal charges, which only compound a person’s problem.

Those who are “first offenders” (generally no DUI’s in the past 5 years) can get a “Monitoring Device Driving Permit,” that allows them to drive as long as they have an ignition interlock installed. People with one or more DUI convictions can potentially regain access to their driving privileges. A hearing — either formal or informal, depending on the circumstances — with a hearing officer from the Secretary of State can be held to determine whether a driver may have a permit or his or her license reinstated. Before this hearing can occur, individuals may consult with a hearing officer to determine if they are eligible for the hearing, but consulting with an experienced attorney often provides more detailed information.

Confusion regarding the hearing process does not have to be a hindrance, as an attorney can help guide individuals through the process. The driver’s license reinstatement process can lead to either a full reinstatement of privileges or restricted driving permit. Although most drivers in Illinois might hope for full reinstatement, a restricted permit can also be incredibly valuable. A skilled attorney who routinely handles Secretary of State hearings can assist in getting as much relief as possible, as quickly as possible.

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