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3 Illinois men facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | Uncategorized

A months-long investigation by Illinois police led to the arrest of three men, and more are expected to come soon. They are all facing drug charges for their alleged actions involving the sale of marijuana. Of the three, only one has posted bail while the other two remain behind bars, awaiting their court dates.

Police claim that they received a complaint of increased drug activity and launched an investigation into the matter. The investigation has lasted two months so far, during which they have executed three different search warrant across as many different towns. The search and seizure of evidence at those residences allegedly led to the subsequent arrests.

An 18-year-old man was arrested after police say they seized hundreds of grams of marijuana, packaging material, $233 in cash. The drugs are estimated to have a value on resale of $22,300. Another man’s arrest followed the alleged discovery of multiple street drugs, cash and a motorcycle at his home. The last arrest involved a 19-year-old Illinois man who was arrested following a search of his home, which apparently resulted in the seizure of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, cash and more.

Drug charges are a serious legal matter that are not to be taken lightly. Even minor allegations can have severe consequences, and most defendants in Illinois are eager to minimize these impacts on their lives. Most people are able to successfully achieve the best possible outcome through careful and timely defense preparations, which can help them decide whether to fight the charges throughout trial court proceedings, or negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution.

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