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What You Need To Know About Getting Your Driver’s License Back

The revocation of your driver’s license does not have to be the final decision. Options exist to have your license reinstated or receive a restricted permit so you can drive to and from work. Attending a Secretary of State hearing is an important first step.  

The proceeding is not something you should handle on your own. Misconceptions exist can doom your chance of getting back on the road, starting with the assumption that you don’t need an attorney. Other myths and misconceptions include: 

Automatic denial at the first hearing. Unless you have multiple DUIs, past license revocations, or an arrest for driving while revoked, you have a good chance at getting your license back or a restricted permit issued. 

No lawyers allowed or needed. If you are eligible to get license back, skilled legal counsel can improve your chances of full and fast restoration of your driving privileges. The help of an attorney is necessary to prepare you for the questions before the hearing starts. 

The advantage of claiming alcoholism. A false admission that you are an alcoholic does not guarantee a driver’s license or permit unless you are actually addicted to alcohol.

Going on the wagon to get back on the road. You can receive a permit or license if you drink responsibly. If you are chemically dependent and admit it at the hearing, you must refrain from consumption. 

Keep it simple. One of the more common ways to have a license or permit denied is holding back on details. Experienced hearing officers are well aware of this tactic and can easily spot someone is under-reporting drinking or possible alcoholism. Even if you think your story is bad, they likely have heard much worse.