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Wedding guest faces drunk driving charges

After having one or two drinks, one's ability to make sound decisions is often affected. While the individual will recognize faulty logic under normal circumstances, this is not always the case once alcohol becomes involved. In some instances, the Illinois resident does not realize that he or she is not legally able to drive and ends up facing drunk driving charges.

Field sobriety tests and drunk driving

Lights flashing in the rearview mirror are often an indication that the Illinois driver needs to pull over. Once this occurs, the officer will usually ask for the driver's license and registration. Throughout this process, the law enforcement officer is analyzing the situation to determine if there are other issues such as possible drunk driving that need to be addressed.

Illinois police recognized for reduction in drunk driving arrests

Drinking and driving can have serious repercussions for all involved. On many occasions, an individual will have a drink or two and determine that he or she is still okay to driver. This may be the case; however, many times it is not. When this happens, the individual runs the risk of being stopped by Illinois law enforcement officers and then facing drunk driving charges.

Motorcycle accident leads to drunk driving charges

Illinois police arrested a man who allegedly backed over a motorcyclist on an interstate. The driver was apparently not injured the wreck and is now facing charges for drunk driving and driving recklessly. If convicted, he could spend up to 25 years behind bars.

Drunk driving arrests down 13 percent in Naperville

Driving under the influence is an issue throughout Illinois, but certain municipalities appear to experience more DUI arrests than others. A recent review of drunk driving data from across Illinois revealed that some areas had increased in DUI arrests while others had seen a decline. One of the locations many kept a close eye on was Naperville, which historically tends to be in the top five on the annual survey.

Drunk driving consequenses

A dinner out with friends often sounds like a great idea. A nice dinner, stimulating conversation and a relaxing drink or two can make for a nice evening. However, this wonderful evening can be cut short in a matter of minutes if flashing lights suddenly appear in the rearview mirror. What began as a wonderful evening can suddenly end with drunk driving charges if Illinois law enforcement officers suspect that the driver has exceeded the legal limit.

Illinois driver faces drunk driving charges

Early morning hours can present some challenges for the Illinois driver. In addition to pitch-black darkness, the driver often faces the challenge of fatigue. These factors, along with others, can easily lead to driving miscalculations, errors and accidents. When this happens, it is possible that an assumption of drunk driving will be made.

Summer holiday season leads to increased drunk driving patrols

Picnics, barbeques, family and friends are staples throughout the summer season. Illinois residents often spend weekends and holidays enjoying the warm weather and socializing. For some, part of the enjoyment is indulging in a drink or two with friends. However, as one decides to partake, he or she will want to be aware that Illinois law enforcement has announced increased vigilance in looking for those who may be drunk driving.

Man says drunk driving decision impacted by mental health issues

There are many reasons people may repeatedly commit crimes. These include addiction and mental health issues, which can sometimes be helped through treatment rather than incarceration. In Illinois, a board member of the Park District of Forest Park has gone to treatment after spending time in jail for three drunk driving charges.

Illinois man jailed for suspected drunk driving

One man is dead and another is being held in police custody after a car crash claimed the life of a 25-year-old Bloomington resident. Pennsylvania authorities have reason to believe the driver involved in the accident may have been intoxicated behind the wheel. That individual has been charged with aggravated drunk driving as well as several other charges pertaining to this case.

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