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Issues with drug charges: Was the search of your vehicle legal?

"May I search your vehicle?" A driver's answer to this question from a police officer -- whether here in Illinois or elsewhere -- could provide law enforcement with the legal authorization to conduct a search of the vehicle. Even if a motorist has nothing to hide, it may not be a good idea to give consent, especially when facing potential drug charges. If given, the driver relinquishes an important constitutional right afforded under the Fourth Amendment.

More than just simple drug charges

Friends often share expenses or take turns buying dinner, drinks and even the occasional recreational activity. For some Illinois residents, this recreational activity can take the form of drugs that the friends are planning to both use. While this may appear to be a fairly harmless activity, it may result in drug charges or worse.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges

Flashing lights in the rear view mirror can send waves of panic through an Illinois driver. Questions of what have I done or how fast was I going typically rush through the mind. The driver often looks around to make sure that nothing questionable is lying around and then begins to reach for the necessary documents that the officer is likely to request. Then, if items are present which could lead to drug charges, the driver has even more reason to be concerned.

Two face drug charges when methamphetamine apparently discovered

There is no doubt that drugs are a problem throughout Illinois as well as the rest of the country. As such, law enforcement officers go to great lengths to protect our communities and get drugs off the street. These efforts often lead to drug charges once their investigation has been completed.

Young Illinois driver facing drug charges

In Illinois and elsewhere, driving at an excessive rate of speed is certainly one way to attract attention. Additionally, texting while driving is another way to attract the attention of law enforcement officers. Yet, when these behaviors are not present, what causes officers to become interested in a particular vehicle and determine that there is reason to stop it? Then, once the vehicle is stopped, what can cause these officers to begin to suspect that drug charges may be warranted?

4 men facing drug charges arrested in fast food parking lot

A hamburger, fries and drink are the typical fast food lunch for many Illinois residents. In fact, on any given day, fast food parking lots are filled with individuals in search of a quick meal. Some customers choose to eat inside while others prefer to remain in their cars. Regardless of the dining decision, these patrons do not expect to be served with drug charges in addition to their meals.

3 Illinois men face drug charges related to cocaine

Flashing lights can make even the most careful driver nervous. Thoughts of "what have I done?" and "what do I need to do?" may flash through one's mind. For some Illinois drivers, though, these lights can become a worrisome problem. If officers suspect a problem, they may decide to do more than just write a ticket and may even pursue drug charges if they discover some reason to suspect that drugs are involved.

Harvard man facing drug charges after posts on social media

Millions of people in Illinois, throughout the country and around the world are active users on a variety of social media platforms. Users take to these platforms to share information, keep up-to-date with friends and family, or to voice their personal views. While most of the sharing is harmless, some individuals find themselves in hot water following some of their posts. Recently, one man's questionable social media posts led to his arrest on drug charges.

Drug charges ringed up by feds against 3 men for selling K2

Illinois has recently been afflicted with an epidemic of injuries and two deaths from a drug identified as synthetic marijuana and popularly called K2. Federal agents in the state arrested three men on drug charges, saying that they sold them the drug at their mini mart convenience store on Chicago's West Side. The packages sold in the store were labeled with names like "Matrix," "Crazy Monkey," and "Blue Giant," according to federal agents.

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