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Drug charges ringed up by feds against 3 men for selling K2

Illinois has recently been afflicted with an epidemic of injuries and two deaths from a drug identified as synthetic marijuana and popularly called K2. Federal agents in the state arrested three men on drug charges, saying that they sold them the drug at their mini mart convenience store on Chicago's West Side. The packages sold in the store were labeled with names like "Matrix," "Crazy Monkey," and "Blue Giant," according to federal agents.

Men facing drug charges after search of home

Traffic stops are made frequently all across the state throughout every day by Illinois police officers. While many drivers receive warnings, others may be ticketed for running red lights, not stopping at stop signs or speeding. One Forsyth man now faces drug charges after what started as a routine traffic stop.

Man facing drug charges after crashing into police car

Some individuals from Illinois and other parts of the country use marijuana to experience the euphoric effects it is known for. However, the substance can also alter a person's coordination and response time. A man allegedly under the influence of marijuana is facing drug charges after a recent accident in Orland Park.

East Chicago man facing drug charges following search of car

Law enforcement officials routinely receive information from a  variety of sources in Illinois. They follow up on the tips given and, in some situations, make arrests following their investigations. Recently, a man was arrested in East Chicago on drug charges after police allegedly discovered marijuana in his car.

3 men facing drug charges following traffic stop

Law enforcement agencies in Illinois and elsewhere around the nation frequently work together to investigate supposed drug operations. Some of these investigations may span several months or even years. Three men currently face several drug charges following a multi-agency operation in Christian County.

2 arrested on drug charges in Illinois

Police have a variety of different ways to conduct an investigation. However, some methods may not be entirely reliable, such as the use of an informant who may have an ulterior motive for the information provided. Despite this, two people in Illinois have been arrested and face a variety of charges, including drug charges, following an investigation that utilized a confidential informant.

Illinois man facing drug charges after traffic stop

An Illinois man is facing several serious criminal charges after a traffic stop with Illinois police. With the help of a drug dog, police claim they found drugs and weapons inside of his vehicle, which led to his arrest and subsequent drug charges. Although his bail was originally set for $150,000, he was able to post $15,000 in cash and was freed.

Drug charges filed against driver who fled accident

A recent hit-and-run crash resulted in criminal charges for an out-of-state man. Illinois police claim that the driver fled the scene on foot, sparking a search that ended in his arrest. Apparently still in police custody, he is facing serious drug charges into addition to other allegations.

Arrested for drug charges? Get the help you deserve

Mistakes are an unavoidable part of life, and while each and every person in Illinois makes mistakes, some are more serious than others. Drug charges have the potential to severely impact your life. From possible jail time to future employment opportunities, ever facet of your life could be affected if you fail to take necessary action.

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