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What constitutes possession in Illinois drug charges?

If the answer to this question is important to you, you may have run up against authorities and the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. You may need to know what constitutes possession when it comes to any drug charges you may face. Understanding the difference can make exploring your options regarding the resolution of the charges less of a challenge.

1 facing drug charges after search in parking lot of local store

Facing allegations for a repeated drug offense can be a stressful and daunting process. Penalties for successive convictions increase in severity, and for someone with a previous record, suspicions of criminal activity could be heightened. An Illinois man was recently taken into custody and is facing drug charges after police allegedly found him in possession of heroin in the parking lot of a local store.

Former Illinois basketball star recently accused of drug charges

Drug-related charges can lead to severe penalties for an accused individual if a conviction is obtained. Those who are found in possession of large quantities of illegal drugs often face potentially devastating consequences, such as lengthy prison terms and a permanent mark on their criminal records. A former basketball standout in Illinois is reportedly facing drug charges after the recent search of his vehicle during a traffic stop.

1 facing multiple drug charges following alleged police chase

Attempting to evade authorities is never advisable. Fleeing on foot or in a vehicle can put the health and safety of everyone nearby at risk, and could even lead to further suspicion of criminal activity. A man was recently arrested and is now facing multiple drug charges after he was taken to a hospital following an alleged police chase in Illinois.

Abandoned vehicle leads to Illinois drug charges for 1 person

Abandoned vehicles are often tampered with or used for storage by various individuals across the country. A person can store any manner of things inside a such a vehicle. If drugs are allegedly discovered upon a search of the vehicle, police may seek to question the owner. An Illinois man is now facing drug charges after allegedly abandoning his vehicle a week prior to a search thereof.

2 facing multiple drug charges involving alleged sale of heroin

The constant flow of drug traffic is a significant issue in many areas across the country. Officers within law enforcement execute searches on a regular basis with the intent of reducing drug flow. Individuals who are the subject of such a process are often subsequently accused of drug-related crimes. Two men in Illinois were recently accused of multiple drug charges involving the sale of heroin.

2 facing drug charges after search of Illinois residence

Many individuals who are accused of a felony find the subsequent process stressful and challenging. Felony drug charges are severe in nature and can alter a person's life in various ways. An individual who is in a similar situation will likely be facing the possibility of a lengthy prison term if convicted. Two people are facing such charges after they were arrested following the recent search of a residence in Illinois.

Search of residence leads to drug charges for Illinois man

Individuals who are accused of drug-related crimes generally find the subsequent process stressful and intimidating. A conviction for similar charges is severe and can have a long-term impact on numerous areas of a person's life. A man may be facing similar difficulties after he was recently arrested and is now facing drug charges following the search of an Illinois residence.

2 Illinois men facing drug charges after month-long investigation

Authorities across the country have taken measures over recent years to crack down on the distribution of drugs. Investigations often make use of undercover officers and/or informants to identify and locate individuals who are believed to be responsible for the sale of narcotics. Two men in Illinois have been arrested and are now facing drug charges following a recent investigation under similar circumstances.

2 facing drug charges following search of property in Illinois

Drug-related charges are typically severe in nature, especially when within close proximity to a school. Felony charges can have a significant impact on a person's future, altering many areas of life in a negative way. Two men may be facing a similar situation after they were recently arrested and are now facing drug charges following the search of a property in Illinois.

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